Women As Pastors? No Good

On this post: www.Crosswalk.com, “Women as Pastors”

They are discussing women as Pastors. I dont know why they are discussing it. Not until the 20th century did we see women as Pastors. Is it because God changed his mind? Why would God change his mind? Is God a modern, western God? Why does the west believe God changes his mind?

Question: Are there good women as Pastors? And do they teach well? I gather that many would say “Yes”. But, the real question should not be whether they are good or bad Pastors. The question is why do it in any regard? If the Bible does not say so? Are you not setting yourself up to be attacked from the getgo? And, naturally, there will be opposition because of biblical founding. So, why would a woman put herself in a position that has always had a man? Why?

I believe that women CAN teach and have much to say. They have insight that men do not have. They can teach each other, they can teach in Bible studies, they can teach children and so forth. Tend the whole flock? No. Its a man’s job.

Summation: Many women are ALWAYS wanting the same job as men. They want the same pay, etc. Does God desire competition? No. But, the devil did.

Perplexing: Why do men not desire women’s jobs in ministry? We don’t see men demanding what women have.

Final synopsis: Modern Women seem to be angry they were born women. They want what men have. They want mens jobs.



♥ My Trip 2 Heaven, Part II ♥

So, Ive established (in my last post) that we let go of hurt when we enter Heaven: “He shall wipe away every tear“. Revelation 21:4 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes … Yes-HE, our God, Elohim, Jehovah, El Shaddai, his beloved son, Jesus, Yeshua and the Spirit of the living God…shall do just that! [God Took Me To Heaven For 2 Hours]

I saw a host of 3 beings. Or 3 part harmony voices of Angels? I cannot recall. I cannot remember when I talked with Jesus. I just cannot recall it. A lot was taken from my memory because…who would want to come back to earth after being in Heaven? If you remember it all, fresh..you would be depressed, living here on earth!!

At any rate: As I ‘let go‘ of my past, earthly hurts, I suddenly FLEW! I was flying! High up in the Heavens! I was never alone, either. Hosts of people, angelic beings were all around me. As I ‘let go‘ of one pain after the next, I FLEW higher! I was weightless! There is no weight in Heaven, ZERO weight! NO burdens, no cares, no worries, no illness, no handicaps, no disease! And, as each pain and hurt fell off, I just flew higher. All I wanted to do was fly higher. I remember this quite well. It seemed that you got even closer to God and Jesus (if that were possible) as you flew higher. Everything in this particular realm was centered around letting earthly pains GO! Everyone there in that realm was only interested in flying higher, to be totally free of the pains from the planet.

That being said, I was also in a realm, (later on) where some of my pains and hurts were a little deeper so I was ‘held’ in a space until I ‘let it go‘. But, this did not depress me at all. The helpers/host assisted me. And, time is of no value in Heaven. There is NO time in Heaven. NONE. God is the CLOCK. He is the watcher of the ‘time’. Nobody in Heaven is consumed with time at all. Its FREE from time. Free of deadlines…therefore, FREE of anxiety! God has every single thing, every plant, every person in his hands. The oxygen in Heaven is THE LORD.


End Part II.