Women As Pastors? No Good

On this post: www.Crosswalk.com, “Women as Pastors”

They are discussing women as Pastors. I dont know why they are discussing it. Not until the 20th century did we see women as Pastors. Is it because God changed his mind? Why would God change his mind? Is God a modern, western God? Why does the west believe God changes his mind?

Question: Are there good women as Pastors? And do they teach well? I gather that many would say “Yes”. But, the real question should not be whether they are good or bad Pastors. The question is why do it in any regard? If the Bible does not say so? Are you not setting yourself up to be attacked from the getgo? And, naturally, there will be opposition because of biblical founding. So, why would a woman put herself in a position that has always had a man? Why?

I believe that women CAN teach and have much to say. They have insight that men do not have. They can teach each other, they can teach in Bible studies, they can teach children and so forth. Tend the whole flock? No. Its a man’s job.

Summation: Many women are ALWAYS wanting the same job as men. They want the same pay, etc. Does God desire competition? No. But, the devil did.

Perplexing: Why do men not desire women’s jobs in ministry? We don’t see men demanding what women have.

Final synopsis: Modern Women seem to be angry they were born women. They want what men have. They want mens jobs.